TREASURY Co., Ltd. adopts the "Principles for Customer-Oriented Business Management" published by the Financial Services Agency, and
establishes the following policy to provide "a high level of service that our customers can truly rely on" throughout their lives.

In the policy, "Principle 0" indicates our response to the Financial Services Agency's "Principles Concerning Customer-Oriented Business Management". For details, please refer to the website of the Financial Services Agency (As a boarding agency, the products we handle are limited to those sold by life insurance companies and non-life insurance companies. We do not independently sell or recommend multiple financial products and services as a package in order to offer products that meet our customers' needs and preferences. We are not involved in the structuring of insurance products or financial products. (Corresponding to the initiatives in [Principle 5] (Note 2) and [Principle 6] (Note 2) (Note 3)).

1. pursuit of customers' best interests

In order to provide our customers with the best and highest benefits, we will continue to devise and improve our daily operations in order to protect our customers from risks in various aspects of their lives, both public and private. To this end, we will maintain a high level of awareness of compliance, and collect "customer feedback (opinions, requests, etc.)" to improve our operations in order to pursue the best interests from the "customer's perspective". We will also comply with laws and regulations regarding the handling of customer information and manage it appropriately and safely.
Principle 2] "Pursuit of Customers' Best Interests

2. proper insurance solicitation and management of conflicts of interest

We accurately assess and analyze the various problems and issues faced by our customers and propose solutions from a multifaceted perspective, drawing from our diverse product lineup. In doing so, we will endeavor to solicit insurance appropriately by explaining and proposing the "optimal product" for each customer with the basis for recommendation, based on "accurate understanding of intentions" while paying attention to important information such as product risks and transaction conditions, so that the customer's interests will not be unjustly impaired. In order to protect the interests of our customers, we will appropriately identify, explain, and manage any transactions that may cause conflicts of interest. In addition, we will provide sufficient explanation of "disadvantageous matters" to customers, such as insurance cancellations, and take action in accordance with their wishes.
Principle 3: "Appropriate management of conflicts of interest" and Principle 5: "Easy-to-understand provision of important information.

3. provision of important information and clarification of fees

We will provide detailed explanations of proposed products and the fees and other costs to be borne by the customer, taking into consideration the characteristics of each customer and the importance of information, so that the customer can fully understand. We will then propose the most suitable products in accordance with the customer's intention as an agent.
Principle 4: Clarification of fees and commissions; Principle 5: Easy-to-understand provision of important information.

4. follow-up and provision of information

In response to customer requests for payment of insurance claims, benefits, etc., and requests related to policy maintenance, we will provide information on the procedures to be taken with each insurance company, act as an intermediary, or act on behalf of the customer. After the customer has purchased an insurance product, we will provide information on the policy status and other information by telephone, visit, etc., as an after-sales service as frequently as the customer desires.
Principle 2: "Pursue the best interests of the customer" and Principle 6: "Provide services appropriate to the customer.

(5) Provide services appropriate to the customer

We will propose and provide optimal services in line with the customer's intentions, taking into consideration the customer's asset situation, knowledge, experience, and other factors. We will continue to strive to further strengthen our relationship with customers even after they have contracted with us. In addition, when paying claims, we are aware of our "top-priority mission" and will act promptly to resolve the situation amicably with our customers.
Principle 6: "Provide services that are appropriate to the customer.

6. building an appropriate organization and corporate culture

We will strive to build long-term relationships of trust with our customers and to conduct research and study on a daily basis. In addition to the relevant business operation policies, we will regularly conduct various training programs on industry knowledge, compliance, etc., to evolve and strengthen our organization so that we can deliver our ideal services and values to as many people as possible.
Principle 7: "Appropriate motivational framework for employees, etc.
In order to ensure that the above policies take root and the company is able to deliver peace of mind to customers throughout their lives, the following indicators will be established and publicly announced.